Contest winner, HUGE art sale, new comics and more

Hi there!

Congratulations to the winner of my January avatar contest: Ramon Solis!

For the rest of you who participated, thank you for entering! I was so happy with the results of this contest, maybe I’ll do it again sometime. But in the meantime…

For the next couple months, I’m having a HUGE (75% off) art sale. It is extremely rare for me to do something like this, and I may never do it again, so take advantage. Details are here.

Also, here are some new comics to read:

Smoke In Your Eyes: A Stranger’s House
An unsettling story about when I accompanied a friend to get nude photos taken in a stranger’s basement.

Said While Talking episode 2: The Politics of Hair
isa grills a hippy about his dreadlocks.

Said While Talking episode 3: A Waking Death
Yosiell and I contemplate whether it’s better to die awake or in your sleep.

Said While Talking episode 4: Scent of a Hippy
comic is only dirty if your mind is dirty. Otherwise it’s kind of cute.

Said While Talking episode 5: Lazy Dating
 reveal reveal the true reason girls like to date hippies. (j/k) (sort of)


What would I be like if I had a penis?

My submission to the Batman on Robin art show (which is happening now, people! Come to the reception on 2/8 at Mission: Comics & Art!)

I’ll be reading my Not-So-Butch story on February 20th at Pegasus Books in Berkeley, CA. Find out more about it (and all my upcoming events) here. 

Thanks for reading, and have a great February!