March Newsletter–with lots of NEWS!

Hello there,

I have some news. On April 1 I’ll be leaving San Francisco to join my husband, who recently got his dream job hundreds of miles away. This is what happens when your work is portable. Also, when you love your husband and want him to love his job. (I will return to teach my CCA MFA in Comics class in the summer. And hopefully one day we will move back. Because I heart SF!)

Also, I’m adopting another dog! If all goes well, I’ll get him on Wednesday. Expect to see photos on the internet if you’re pals with me on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr or Flickr. (Ugh, I know.)

Also, there is more (exciting!) news coming, but I can’t tell you what yet, so instead please enjoy some comics: 




Smoke In Your Eyes – The Song In My Head (kind-of-sad comic)

A story about my crazy homeless buddy.



Smoke In Your Eyes – Happy Place (sad comic)

Warning: This comic is pretty upsetting (it’s about a rapist)



Frisco al Fresco – Safari West (review) (humor)

Where I compare giraffe tongues to lap dances. Hubba hubba.



Frisco al Fresco – Iroha Restaurant (review)

I’ve been going to this place since I was a kid. I will miss it when I leave!



Said While Talking – Body Image (humor)

Where I complain about my annoying flat butt. I know, there’s always something. No, I’m not fishing for compliments.



Said While Talking – A Lesson In Diversity (humor)

At ladies’ night, sometimes we talk about Ron Jeremy. It happens.



Said While Talking – Hero Worship (humor)

Here’s a short bit about the first time I met Debbie Harry of Blondie.



Said While Talking – Dietary Restrictions (humor)

This is worst thing anyone’s ever said to me in bed. Also, look at the number of views on this page! This is officially the most successful thing I’ve ever done in my life—and probably ever will.



I’ve contributed a piece to this anthology. I love these guys. Please consider funding their Kickstarter.



My 75%-off art sale has been really successful. And it ends in April, because that’s when I’m leaving.

Here are the details. (75% off is a lot!)

Here’s the art you can buy. (It’s going fast!) 



Please come to my reading on March 13 if you’re anywhere near San Francisco. This will be my last SF reading for a while (sniff), and it’s brand-new material (full-color comic that will appear in Rob Kirby’s QU33R Anthology later this year). If nothing else, come and say good-bye. Here’s a link to the Facebook events page. 


Thanks for reading this far, and farewell for now!