Image: Apology Not Acceptable

Apology Not Acceptable

“What’s the harm in wishing someone ill? Just because I wish it, it doesn’t make it true.”

Click through to read my overly personal essay about false apologies and why forgiveness may be overrated.

2 thoughts on “Image: Apology Not Acceptable

  1. I agree with you about forgiveness. Like apologies, it seems to be something any number of people insist upon, but both seem empty and disingenuous without the sincere feeling behind them. Some people benefit from forgiving someone who has wronged them. Others need to validate the hurt they experienced. I personally find some things forgivable within me and others not, and often that may be contingent on if I see the other person genuinely working to change the behavior. Honestly, I don’t see anything mature or “enlightened” about lying about feelings of forgiveness if one does not really feel them. Quite the opposite it feels like self-deception!

    Regarding all the hullaballoo over “DB” – when he issued his apology, the link was reposted about as much as your original essay. I commented on a Facebook thread full of argument over it’s sincerity that time would tell if he would change his behavior or not. I’m sorry to read about the situation with the photos as it would appear that time has now told us he has not changed the offending behavior. 😦

  2. I don’t think it’s necessary to forgive to be able to move on. Some people deserve forgiveness, others do not. The important thing is that *you* are able to let go of the anger, but that is different from “forgiving” someone for having wronged you, especially if they are not genuinely sorry.

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