February Newsletter

Hello. I’ve been up to some happy stuff lately.

1. OMG

In case you didn’t hear me shouting it off the rooftops, I’m thrilled to announce that Minneapolis-based publisher 2D Cloud will be publishing my collection of Rumpus comics and more, in a book titled Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories (It has its own Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/dragonsbreathandothertruestories). Dragon’s Breath will come out this fall, and then my next graphic memoir, Turning Japanese, will come out in 2015 (also through 2D Cloud), which means: Conventions! Readings! Promotions! Travel! BOOK TOUR! It’s all very exciting. I mean overwhelming. I mean exciting.

Part of me can’t wait to get this thing started. Another part of me wants to hire a body double so that SHE can go put herself out there while I get to curl up with my menagerie and read comics. It’s a lovely thought, but mostly I’m just excited. I mean overwhelmed.

2. Talking about stuff

I got interviewed by Whit Taylor of Panel Patter. We talked about how it feels to be working with a small publisher, the benefits of dropping out of school, and my one stinky armpit. http://www.panelpatter.com/2014/01/whit-taylor-interviews-mari-naomi.html

3. Writing my butt off

I’ve been happily struck with the writing bug. I’ve published four new essays since December, in which I’ve tackled some very personal subjects including the time I recently got sexually harassed on a panel (!!), my love-sad relationship with arachnids, why forgiveness isn’t for everybody, and a job interview that involved a tiny red butt plug. This thrilling streak of prose prompted me to create a page on my website just for my writing. If you want to make me very happy, or just kill some time, please read and make comments on my essays. Nice comments, I mean. Or thoughtful ones. Well, you know what I mean.

4. Stalking my publisher

Here’s a cute blog post Raighne Hogan (one of my publishers at 2D Cloud) did after our stint at the LA Art Book Fair. I kind of stalked him and his wife Meghan, which you can see by how many photos I show up in.

5. Coming up

I’ve got a ton of readings and appearances coming up, including a Valentine’s Day reading at Giant Robot (this Friday!) and a solo presentation at my neighborhood SoCal library. Plus stuff in San Francisco (City Lights book release party in September!), Long Beach, Chicago, Maryland, and more. I’ll be adding even more to this list as I book stuff, so please keep an eye on my web page for an event near you. And please let me know if you know of a college, bookstore, zine fest, reading series or whatnot you think I’d be a good fit for. http://marinaomi.com/events.html

Well, that’s all I’ve got right now. Thank you for reading this.

Your pal,