Giveaway, new comic, comics news and more!


In a desperate attempt to get Goodreads and Amazon reviews for my books, I’m giving away t-shirts, dust jackets, and a 2016 Retrofit subscription! Read details here. 


I made a short comic for RESIST!, which appears in their print issue as well (you can purchase print issues online, or get ’em for free at the Women’s March and other places). Read it here. 

In case you didn’t see me shouting about it on social media, I am proud to announce that I’ve got some graphic novels in the works–a YA trilogy that’ll be published by Lerner Books. The first book is slated for spring 2018. You can see my progress on Instagram using the hashtag #losingthegirlgn

Did you know I’m a guest editor over at PEN America? Well, I am, alongside Meg Lemke and Rob Kirby. Together (with our boss Antonio Aiello) we curated and edited an online anthology of cartoonists’ reactions to the elections. Please take a look, there are some gems in here.


I joined some other writers discussing creative writing’s imperatives here.

I was a guest on Boing Boing’s RIYL podcast. 

Aaaand that’s about it for now. Please enter my giveaway! I don’t know what I’ll do with all these t-shirts otherwise.


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