New diary comics and Ask Bi Grlz podcast


Just a quick note that I’ve started making diary comics! I’ve been posting them daily for the past couple weeks over at Patreon. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: patreon-diarysample


It’s been really fun recording the most interesting parts of each day, and I hope to keep doing this for awhile. It’s my new favorite morning ritual, right before my morning run. (I highly recommend you try it if you’ve got the creative bug in you.)

If you’re unfamiliar, Patreon is a website where you can support your favorite creators (visual artists, writers, musicians, etc.) by subscribing to their blogs. I have several support tiers. $1/month gets you diary comics, work-in-progress posts, and my new comic posts (including my new series Asian Goth Punks Rule the World!, which is also being serialized in print over at Razorcake Magazine). If you can afford more than a buck per month, I have more interesting tiers (including a mentorship tier if you’re an aspiring author or cartoonist). I won’t go into it all here. If you’re interested, check it out at

In other news, I’m excited to start a podcast with my good friend author Myriam Gurba. Ask Bi Grlz is an advice podcast focused on bisexuality, multiculturality, and the artistic process. We’re still accepting questions, so if you have anything to ask us (anything at all!), send your q’s to

Okay, that’s about it. Stay tuned for some exciting book tour news for 2018. 🙂



Giveaway, new comic, comics news and more!


In a desperate attempt to get Goodreads and Amazon reviews for my books, I’m giving away t-shirts, dust jackets, and a 2016 Retrofit subscription! Read details here. 


I made a short comic for RESIST!, which appears in their print issue as well (you can purchase print issues online, or get ’em for free at the Women’s March and other places). Read it here. 

In case you didn’t see me shouting about it on social media, I am proud to announce that I’ve got some graphic novels in the works–a YA trilogy that’ll be published by Lerner Books. The first book is slated for spring 2018. You can see my progress on Instagram using the hashtag #losingthegirlgn

Did you know I’m a guest editor over at PEN America? Well, I am, alongside Meg Lemke and Rob Kirby. Together (with our boss Antonio Aiello) we curated and edited an online anthology of cartoonists’ reactions to the elections. Please take a look, there are some gems in here.


I joined some other writers discussing creative writing’s imperatives here.

I was a guest on Boing Boing’s RIYL podcast. 

Aaaand that’s about it for now. Please enter my giveaway! I don’t know what I’ll do with all these t-shirts otherwise.


Post-apocalyptic newsletter

Hello, how are you?

I’ve been pretty down since November 8, to be honest. It’s a sobering thought to realize that “my kind” might not be welcome here by almost half the voting country, when “here” happens to be the country I was born and raised (“sobering” being an ironic word, as I’ve been drinking a lot more since the election lolz).

I’m not going to talk about the orange elephant in the house, as it seems like it’s all I can talk (and think) about lately. Instead, I’m going to fill you in on all the months I’ve neglected my email list. (Sorry!)

MERCH (aka, buy my stuff!)

I recently was commissioned by the Nerds of Color/SIUniverse to create some Asian-American-themed art for Smithsonian APA’s CTRL+ALT exhibit in NYC. The exhibit was overwhelmingly inspiring! Over forty artists got together and turned an empty warehouse into art upon art upon art. I had my comics art displayed, plus I led a couple workshops. It was an amazing experience. Also: I freaking love New York!

With the permission of NOC/SIUniverse, I’ve put the images from my comic onto some pillows, prints, mugs, clocks and other stuff over at Redbubble. If there’s a mixed-race or Asian-American person on your holiday list, perhaps they’d like a pillow referring to their very private birthmark? 🙂

I also put a bunch of my images on Print All Over Me awhile back, including dragon-print robes, punny t-shirts and bedbug-print leggings.


Did you know I came out with two books this year? The latest is called I Thought YOU Hated ME via Retrofit Comics, and it’s a memoir about a long-term friendship of mine. I wrote and drew this book not only because I wanted to tell the story of our complicated fromance, but because there’s a dearth of books out there that accurately depict friendship between women. Read about it here.

And in case you missed it, here’s my book that came out earlier this year with 2dcloud, Turning Japanese, about seeking out my cultural heritage by working at hostess bars.


Here are some comics you can read for free online that came out recently:

Back in the Olden Days (a short, optimistic comic about gender)

Things that go bump in the night (a short, bleak piece about sexual assault)


I wrote an article for Catapult about my process when writing/drawing I Thought YOU Hated ME.

Also on Catapult, here’s a comics round table I participated in with cartoonists Liana Finck and Amy Kurtzweil, moderated by Nicole Chung.

INTERVIEWS and stuff

There are too many of these to mention lately, as I’ve been promoting the hell out of my books this year. So instead of giving you a bunch of links, I’ll direct you to this one link containing all the links.


Lastly but not leastly, please take a look at my pet projects, some lists meant to highlight the work of marginalized comics creators:

The Cartoonists of Color is almost at 1000 people!

The Queer Cartoonists database is almost at 500 people!

And here’s an interview I did for VICE about why I started them.

Thank you for reading this far, and I hope you are warm and safe this winterly season.


PS. To cheer myself up, I bought a ukelele and have been learning chords. Here’s a video of me being a dork.

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Turning Japanese is now available on my online store, but ONLY FOR ONE WEEK. On August 2 (my birthday!) I’m removing my store indefinitely so I can get some friggin’ work done. So if you want an inscribed copy of Turning Japanese, Kiss & Tell,Dragon’s Breath, or any of my zines, this may be your only chance.

Here is a link to my store:
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