New comic: Cheerleader

I made a new memoir comic about a girl I knew in high school.034a

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New book announcement: I Thought You Hated Me!


I’m very excited to officially announce that I have a second book coming out this year (in addition to Turning Japanese via 2dcloud)!

I Thought You Hated Me is a comics memoir about a complicated female friendship. It is 64 pages long, black and white, and I hope you will love it. You can see a bunch of progress photos here.

I Thought You Hated Me, will debut at SPX 2016 in the fall, via Retrofit Comics​.

This book is available for pre-order in the 12-book bundle via Retrofit’s Kickstarter.

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I’d like to take a moment to talk about my publisher, 2dcloud.

You might know them as the force behind Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories (in cooperation with Uncivilized Books) and my upcoming graphic memoir, Turning Japanese. I’d like to tell you a little more about them.

I was introduced to 2dcloud when they invited me to submit to Little Heart, an anthology created to support gay marriage. When they sent me my contributor copies, I was blown away by the talent they’d rounded up and the production values of the book. This was no ordinary micropublisher. And once I got to know them, I was impressed by the values and commitment of the people who run it: Raighne Hogan and Justin Skarhus.

For example, the press was started when Raighne and his (amazing artist) wife Maggie wanted to support their cartoonist friend whose work was too cutting edge for publishers at the time. They used their honeymoon money to publish a gorgeous book, and the sacrifices they’ve made since then have not slowed down at all.

More importantly, the work they put out is unlike any other. At one point a few years ago, I was feeling down about the state of comics, sad that much of the work I came across all looked and felt the same. And then Raighne put a copy of Strong Eye Contact by Christopher Adams in my hands, and everything changed. I’d never seen anything like it. It inspired me to be bolder with my work, to stretch my boundaries, and it gave me new faith in the industry and medium.

The work 2dcloud publishes is experimental without being pretentious, entertaining without compromising taste, and oh so exciting. 2dcloud are true pioneers. It is so important that they continue existing, putting voices in the mix that might not otherwise find homes.

So here’s why I’m writing this: Right now, 2dcloud is trying to grow. They’ve hooked up with Consortium to distribute their books, which is a huge coup for everyone involved (especially their authors!). But working with a distributor has its challenges, particularly in the money department. You can read about the nuts and bolts in their blog post, which you should check out if you’re curious at all about how publishing works:

To try to keep the costs under control, they have sacrificed so much more than their honeymoon money. I won’t go into the details as they’re a bit personal, but what’s important is that now is a crucial time in their existence. They’ve turned to Kickstarter as a preorder tool, to keep the business afloat while they wait for the distribution money to start coming in.

If you agree that 2dcloud is important, please consider contributing to their Winter Collection Kickstarter (and their Spring Kickstarter, which will include Turning Japanese!). In return you’ll get some beautiful, sexy, thoughtful, envelope-pushing comics by diverse cartoonists. Books that might not otherwise have existed if it weren’t for the sacrifice by these generous, forward-thinking people.

Here’s a link:

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May Newsletter


Just a few things:

* Next week I’ve got a reading in LA, then I’ll be in SF tabling at two events and in conversation with Myriam Gurba at the Booksmith. Eventually I’ll be in GA in the summer, but the details haven’t been announced yet, so I’ll leave it at that. As always, you can keep track of my whereabouts (in a non-stalkery way) here.

* I’ve got something in the next issue of Bitch Magazine, a one-page, two-color comic about the brilliant performance artist, Gloria Toyun Park. Look for it on shelves (a hummingbird is on the cover–it’s coming out any day now), or subscribe/purchase it here.

* I’ve got a longer piece coming out in the summertime, in the Virginia Quarterly Review. It’s a full-color (watercolored!), six-pager about a carnivorous plant I used to have. Very creepy! And kind of sweet! I’m guessing you can order it here, when it happens.

* My book Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Resume, Ages 0 to 22 is now officially on its second printing! Unfortunately, the price has gone up a few dollars. Fortunately, the new book has a less scuffable cover. You can find it wherever books are sold (if they have awesome tastes, that is), or buy it directly from me at my store if you want a personalized copy.

* Lastly, and my favorite news of all: My book Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories has been nominated for the prestigious Eisner Award! When I first heard this news, I wept for three hours straight. And I don’t mean pretty, graceful tears. I mean snotty, confused sobs. Let me be clear: I have zero chances of actually winning this prize, as my modestly selling memoir is up against some pretty heavy hitters, including Roz Chast’s mutiple-prize-winning, NYT best-selling masterpiece, but the mere fact that my book was nominated is an amazing thing that I never considered would happen to me in this lifetime. If you’re in the comic book industry, you can vote on the Eisners. Voting ends in a dozen hours though, so you’d better get on it.

Aside from all that, I’m just cranking away at my next book, and filling my Instagram feed with photos of my cats, dogs and WIP comics.

I guess that’s all I have for you. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!